Am I Too Young for Dentures?

There are a lot of people who are as young as 30 years old who get dentures because of tooth loss thanks to periodontal disease or other medical problems like acid reflux. There are other tooth loss issues as well from trauma. Regardless of the reason, young folks are getting dentures all the time, and that helps with the options available.

Advanced Technology in Dentures

People are reticent to get dentures because of preconceptions about an awkward fit and how lacking in realness they are. The good news is advanced equipment allows stronger materials to be used for a better fit. Prosthetic dentists help patients get a great fit with dentures that meet their goals for mastication along with a smile that looks as if there were no teeth lost.

Partials or a Full Denture?

When it comes to dentures, the choices are either partials or full dentures. Here’s what you need to know about each type.

Full Dentures

People most often see full dentures as those sitting in a glass of water at night. Full dentures replace an entire arch of the mouth. If full dentures are needed, then if there are a couple of stray natural teeth, they will be extracted. Generally, this happens in dire dental situations.

Partial Dentures

If you still have most of your teeth and they are healthy, then partial dentures such as bridges are a fantastic idea. Bridges use your natural teeth as support and allow you to remove them as needed to keep the remaining teeth healthy.

Why Would I Need Dentures?

Whether it is full or partial dentures, folks who are missing teeth have a solution to restoring their smiles and the function of their teeth. Teeth help with speaking, as well. When you lose teeth, it becomes more difficult to do basic things that seem to come naturally. Losing teeth is unfortunate, and if the teeth can’t be saved, it’s important to save and support the remaining teeth. The Sims Dentistry of Louisville will help with all the options and get you dentures that can restore your quality of life.

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