Dentist in Louisville Shares 5 Tips for a Healthy Smile in 2019

As the New Year comes, everybody set goals and make certain changes to improve the quality of life. Although, many people focus on improving their physical health but tend to forget about oral health. A healthy smile reflects a person is healthy. Here are 5 tips for taking better care of your teeth and gums in 2019 and getting a healthy smile.

  • Floss Every Day

Brushing your teeth twice a day is not enough because tiny food particles get stuck between the teeth and it is not easy to reach those places. For deep cleaning, floss at least once a day after brushing.

  • Eat These Mouth-Healthy Foods

Diet plays a big role in oral health so include some of the mouth-healthy foods in your daily diet.

    • Fruits and vegetables – Eat apples, carrots and other green leafy veggies which helps in saliva production and removing food particles.
    • Dairy products – Milk, yogurt, etc. are rich in calcium and keep teeth healthy and strong.
    • Protein – Eggs, beans, and protein-rich food contain phosphorous.
  • Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Intake of a lot of sugar can lead to cavities. Try consuming sugar-free seltzer water or sugar-free food if you crave for sweet.

  • Say Goodbye to Tobacco

Tobacco causes serious oral and overall health problems. This could be-

    • Gum disease and tooth loss
    • Bad breath and stained teeth
    • Diabetes
    • Heart disease and stroke
    • Oral cancer
  • Schedule a Routine check-up

Visit the dentist regularly every six months for a routine check-up and maintaining good oral health. The dentist will remove plaque build-up and also check for tooth decay and other oral health problems. They will recommend the treatment if required.

During the visit, consult the dentist on how to improve oral care at home. Therefore, book your appointment with dentistry near you and start implementing these 5 tips. Take good care of gums and teeth and maintain the healthy mouth and smile for life-long.

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