Missing teeth can dramatically affect an individual’s self-esteem and oral health in surprising ways. Our team at Sims Dentistry of Louisville is focused on delivering quality care to elderly individuals in the area and provide them with custom treatments that help to improve their specific situation. Dental implants are often recommended as a long term solution to missing teeth. You are encouraged to continue reading on to learn more about dental implants and to see how they can improve your smile in Louisville.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are small titanium rods that are surgically placed in a person’s jawbone. It mimics what would be a tooth’s root system and helps to promote healthy bone growth. There is a wide range of benefits that come from receiving dental implants including the following:

  • A permanent solution to missing teeth
  • They prevent the risk of shifting teeth
  • It allows for a natural-looking and feeling smile
  • Stimulates healthy bone growth

These are just a few of the many benefits to receiving dental implants in the Louisville area. Also, your dentist will supply you with a final restoration that will be attached to the implant. This restoration, such as a dental crown, will mimic a natural tooth and is essential for cosmetic and functional purposes. Dental implants allow individuals to achieve a healthy smile in which they can feel confident about. Many are self-conscious over other restoration options, such as dentures or partials, as they do not always maintain their correct positions while speaking or chewing. Dental implants stay in place, are secured, and blend in with the rest of your natural teeth.

Dental Implants Near You

Are you looking for an effective and lasting solution to your missing teeth? Whether you have one or more missing teeth, you are encouraged to learn more about dental implants for your smile by scheduling your appointment with our staff at Sims Dentistry of Louisville. Call our Louisville Dental office today for further information regarding the complete transformation of your smile with our professional and friendly team.

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