Several conditions exist that might end up with you needing to have oral surgery at Sims Dentistry of Louisville. The idea of having oral surgery might be frightening, but the dentists at Sims Dentistry of Louisville are professionals at what they do and will do their best to make sure you’re comfortable and at ease. Listed below are some of the most common oral surgeries and some facts about them that might make you feel a little better about your upcoming surgery.

Having Impacted Wisdom Teeth

What are your wisdom teeth? They are your third set of molars. Sometimes these can erupt and cause no issues to you at all. However, sometimes they will come in at an improper angle or not fully erupt through your gumline. This causes the teeth to be impacted between your gums and jaw. This will also typically lead to a lot of pain and sometimes can affect the health of the surrounding teeth.

Getting Dental Implants

Sometimes it becomes necessary to get a replacement for a tooth that’s missing at Sims Dentistry of Louisville. When this happens, it becomes required to have surgery to place a metal post into your jaw. This post (typically made of titanium) will then fuse with your bone and gum tissue over time. This post will create a much stronger foundation for your new tooth or crown.

Having a Biopsy

If there is an abscess that’s in your mouth that looks like it requires attention, it becomes necessary to get a biopsy to check for oral cancer. In this case, a tiny amount of tissue is removed and sent off to a lab.

Getting Jaw Surgery

Having a jaw that’s not properly aligned can result in issues with your facial appearance as well as the function on of your jaw. Surgery is recommended to fix this issue. You want to have the best smile possible in Louisville.

Treating Sleep Apnea

If you can’t treat sleep apnea with the usual methods, it can become necessary to remove some excess tissue from the back of your throat so your symptoms can improve.

Getting Reconstructive Surgery

You might have suffered from a facial injury or knocked-out teeth, and this can cause normal activities like eating to become difficult. Reconstructive surgery can be great for replacing the missing or damaged teeth. It can also help with your jawbone, your gum line, and even help fix jaw joint issues!

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