A removable denture is a prosthetic worn to replace lost teeth and surrounding soft tissue. This type of dental appliance is made to look and function like your natural teeth and will improve the look of your smile.

Partials and Dentures in Louisville

We offer several tooth replacement options at Sims Dentistry in Louisville including full and partial dentures. Full dentures in Louisville are used when an entire mouthful of teeth is missing. When some healthy teeth remain, partial dentures can be used. Partial plates not only fill in the gaps left behind by lost teeth, but the restorations also prevent the surrounding natural teeth from moving out of place.

Full or Complete Dentures in Louisville

Your dentist in Louisville may suggest immediate (temporary) or permanent dentures. Immediate dentures at Sims Dentistry of Louisville are made ahead of time and placed immediately after tooth extraction. Once healing is completed, which typically takes about 9–12 months, a permanent denture is made.

A very durable tooth replacement solution dentures will last up to eight years but may need to be readjusted, repaired or remade due to normal wear and changes in the jaw bone.

Why patients at Sims Dentistry of Louisville wear dentures:

  • Enhancing smile and support facial tissues
  • Full Denture: Loss of an entire arch of teeth
  • Improving mouth function and aesthetics
  • Partials: Missing several teeth in an arch

Dentures at Sims Dentistry of Louisville

Several visits are required to get dentures, and appointments are usually booked over a few weeks. Measurements and impressions are taken to make your custom false teeth. Several trial and error visits may be necessary to ensure proper fit, shape, and color. During the last appointment, your Louisville dentist will make necessary adjustments and place the denture, ensuring a comfortable and natural fit.

Expect to feel some soreness, have an increase in saliva flow, and possible difficulty with eating and speaking. These minor symptoms will subside as your muscles and soft tissues adjust to your new teeth.

Denture care instructions will be provided. Proper cleaning of your new dentures, good oral hygiene practices, and regular dental visits will help extend the life of your dental appliance.

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