Sims Dentistry of Louisville Explains Dental Cleaning & Its Importance

Oral health is essential, and you can’t overlook the need. This is why dental cleaning must be on your yearly list. By visiting a dentist, you can get your oral health checked and addressed. According to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), checking your oral health twice a year is recommended. By doing professional teeth cleaning, oral health can be restored. You should floss and brush to protect your oral health. However, if you are planning to prevent tooth decay or other issues, try visiting a dentist.

If you are someone with oral hygiene and proper diet, you will not experience discomfort during the cleaning procedure. There might be sensitivity and trouble if you don’t have good oral health. Sometime dentists will use an anesthetic to alleviate pain during the cleaning procedures. However, we, Dr. Sims Dentistry, have scientific methods to help you ease your pain. Many dental services include educating patients about oral health.

What Diagnostic Services Do Dental Clinics Provide?

You might find different services at different dentistry, but there are general services that you can find in any dental. Let’s check some of the services below:

  • Oral cancer screening
  • Examining gum issues
  • Studying chewing, swallowing, and biting patterns
  • Overall oral health checkup
  • Detecting decays through x-rays
  • Preventive services provided when necessary
  • Counseling and education services

We at Sims Dentistry provide you with a range of options. You can choose from general services to cosmetic dentistry. We help you with dental cleanings, oral surgeries, dental implants, and sedation dentistry, among other services.

Procedures During Teeth Cleaning

When you have chosen dental cleaning in Louisville, KY, it is essential to know the methods. If you go informed, you will be able to tell the dentist when something goes wrong. Therefore, let’s check how teeth cleaning takes place.

A tooth cleaning isn’t as scary as everyone assumes. You might experience discomfort only if you don’t have good oral health. It’s not impossible to bear the pain because it will not be unbearable. However, it is better to learn the procedures before going to a dental clinic.

  • Examining Your Mouth

Dental hygienists will consider your mouth before getting started with the cleaning process. The small dental mirror will help the hygienist to examine your gums and teeth to find any signs that need to be treated. Minor issues will be addressed quickly, whereas significant matters will be explained, discussed, and then processed.

  • Getting Rid of Tartar and Plaque

After examining the mouth, the dental hygienists will get rid of the tartar and plaque using a scaler. During this step, you might hear scraping, but don’t panic because it’s common. By flossing and brushing, you can control plaque to a certain extent. However, if you are dealing with tartar, you should get it removed by visiting a dentist.

  • Toothpaste Cleaning

Once tartar is removed, the dental hygienist will brush your teeth using an electric brush. This step can be scary, but it is the best way to deep clean your teeth. The dentist will use a toothpaste that is more like regular ones. However, as the dentists are professional, they know how it works, so you shouldn’t try it at home on your own.

  • Professional Flossing Session

Once the toothpaste cleaning is done, the dentist will do professional flossing. Through professional flossing, it is possible to explore deep spots, and when doing it, you might bleed. If you are flossing regularly, you don’t have to undergo this step. But it is always better to meet all the steps when undergoing dental cleaning.

  • Fluoride Treatment

This is the final step of purification and is done to protect your teeth against cavities. This treatment will last for a few months.

That said, you need to know these steps before experiencing the cleaning procedures. After cleaning, you will be able to eat and drink as you usually do. Twice a year dental visit is essential if you want to maintain your oral health. If you have any questions related to oral health, feel free to contact us at Sims Dentistry of Louisville. We can help you maintain your oral health comfortably and perform routine screenings.

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