Name: Ariel Sims

Job Title: Patient Care Coordinator and Marketing

Degrees/Certifications: Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Spalding University

How long have you worked in dentistry? 1 ½ years

How long have you worked at Sims Dentistry? 1 ½ years

What do you love about your job? The Employees and owner genuinely care about the patients and giving them the best service, we can. I Love meeting and getting to know our patients. I truly love the employees because they are supportive and willing to help when needed.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? I love taking my dogs to the park. We have 3 dogs: Lucy, Danni and Stella. My Husband and I love to try out new food places around town! I also love spending time with our family.

Family Info: I am married to Jacob Sims, who is Dr. Fred’s son and Dr. Chris’s brother. Parents both live in Louisville and I have two brothers, Michael and Jeremiah.

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