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Here at Sims Dentistry of Louisville, we strive to give our patients and their families the best dental care in Louisville and the surrounding area.

Do you feel gloomy and down because you have yellow or stained teeth? Several people think as you do, and they are looking for some way to make the appearance of their smile improved. Our group here at Sims Dentistry of Louisville can provide you with a professional tooth whitening experience. Here at Sims Dentistry of Louisville, we have noticed many benefits that patients say they experience once they have whiter teeth. Read on to find out what the top benefits are for having that whiter smile and find out how Sims Dentistry of Louisville can transform your look.

  • Appearance Enhanced: The main reason patients decide to have their teeth whitened is to improve their appearance.
  • Self-confidence Is Boosted: You will no longer be trying to hide your smile when you are talking or smiling for photos after you have had your teeth whitened.
  • Looks of Wrinkles Minimized: Having a whiter smile seems to make you look younger and more energetic and moves the focus from your wrinkles to your white teeth.
  • Won’t Break Your Wallet: Here at Sims Dentistry of Louisville, our team has affordable options for you to choose from to let anyone benefit from the treatment.
  • An Attractive Accessory: Your smile is one’s best accessory. It will have you smiling a lot more, and you will gain confidence in the way you look.
  • You Can Let Your Guard Down: Once you have your smile whitened it is one thing less that you will be worrying about.
  • You Will Appear Friendlier: Because you are more confident with that white smile, you will be smiling every chance you get.
  • Will Not Damage Your Teeth: Safe but effective products are used to whiten your teeth.
  • You Will Thrive Professionally: You will feel a new level of confidence at work and feel good while performing at the next meeting.
  • Feel Positive About Life: Your confidence will continue to grow, and so will your outlook and attitude.

Here at Sims Dentistry of Louisville, our team can provide you with ‘in office’ or ‘at home’ whitening procedures. If you want to know more about our treatments, call our office at 502-499-9494 for more information. We would love to help you smile more.

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