What You Need to Know About Oral Surgeries

Oral surgery may be frightening, but it shouldn’t. It is a dental procedure done to fix several oral conditions. At Sims Dentistry, we have a team of specialists that are trained to offer you the best experience, but before we proceed, here are a couple of things you need to know.

  • Oral surgery is used to treat a variety of conditions

After your dental assessment, our oral surgeon may recommend dental surgery for the following conditions;

Impacted teeth 

Wisdom teeth are the last to come through. Ideally, they should emerge through the gum line, but this is not usually the case. Sometimes, the wisdom teeth can get entrapped in between the jawbone and gum. Impacted teeth cause swelling and bleeding and damage to the surrounding teeth. Oral surgery is the only treatment for entrapped wisdom teeth.

Dental implant surgery

After tooth extraction, you will have spaces in between your teeth which can cause the surrounding teeth to shift. A dental implant is surgically fixed into your jawbone to replace the missing teeth and offer support for the artificial teeth.

However, for you to get the implant, you need to have enough jawbone for support. Failure to which the dentist may perform a bone graft to rebuild your bone.

Misaligned teeth 

When the jaw and teeth don’t grow properly it could lead to malocclusion. Although the braces can be used, oral surgery may be required to correct severe dental misalignment.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder 

TMJ connects the skull to the jaw and it aids in its movement. The cause of TMJ disorder is not known, but dentists believe that the disorder is caused by an injury to the joint muscles.

The dentist will recommend other treatments for TMD first, before performing a jaw surgery because once it’s done it can’t be reversed.

Correct Jaw Irregularities

If you are using dentures for the first time, the dentist may do the surgery to correct any irregularities and create a better fit.

Moreover, the jaw deteriorates with time making the dentures loose and oral surgery can help correct the problem. In severe cases, a bone graft may be done to rebuild the jaw bone.

Oral biopsy

Sims Dentistry is one of the dental clinics that offer oral biopsy in Louisville as part of oral cancer screening. The oral surgeon will take a sample of abnormal tissue for diagnosis. If lesions are detected, we can manage them medically or through oral surgery.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea and snoring are treated with non-surgical methods like pressure machines and dental splints. Surgery is an option when these methods fail to correct the problem.

Prepare adequately 

Your oral surgery experience will be made easier if you prepare early. First, learn all about the procedure and the risks involved. Discuss with your dentist about your medical history and any alternative treatments, if any.

Additionally, dress appropriately such as wearing a short-sleeved shirt or blouse. This will make it easy for the nurse to take your body vitals and administer IV anesthesia if needed.

Aftercare is required

Taking of your wound is vital to your recovery process. 

  • Rest and avoid any strenuous activity. Also, avoid anything that may break the blood clot which is essential to the healing process.
  • Don’t brush in the first few hours as the mouth may be sensitive.
  • Eat soft foods and avoid hard, sticky and hot stuff. The dentist may advise you not to eat in the first few hours to avoid biting your cheeks and tongue
  • Apply ice for 24 hours after surgery to prevent swelling. If the swelling persists or you develop a fever, contact our dentist or surgeon
  • Block bleeding by biting a gauze to slow down the blood flow. If the bleeding continues after 24 hours, call the dentist
  • Come for all your post-surgery dental appointment for monitoring


Oral surgery is nothing to be scared about. With a good dental team, the procedure will be successful with minimal or no side effects. So, come to Sims Dentistry of Louisville for a great dental experience.

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